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Using FLEXtraNet® for Easy Invoicing

Invoicing made easy

INOMAX is committed to making invoicing a simple, transparent procedure to further support your team. The following highlights the top-level features and benefits of FLEXtraNet and invoicing.
Invoicing is sent monthly via email, mail, or both, whereas net hourly contracts are sent when consumption data are received. An updated PO# is required upon every new contract item.
The benefits of Data Collection Module (DCM) and FLEXtraNet include accurate monthly invoices with hours used, tracking patient usage, monitoring consumption from contract date, and a simplified transition following contract renewal. DCM allows you to read usage on cylinders and upload the information to FLEXtraNet.
Your invoice will include the account and FLEX information on the cover, and you’ll be able to see utilization by department and cylinder.
If you have any additional questions or invoicing concerns, please contact Customer Care.