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The numbers say it all

We have years of experience providing customer care, in-person training, emergency support, and gas delivery system validations

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Customer Care1

  • More than 300,000 interactions have taken place since 2014*
  • That’s about 164 discussions per day

In-Person Training1

  • 7300+ in-service training hours have been provided since 2016* to nearly 38,000 respiratory therapists

Emergency Support1

  • 11,000+ emergency device deliveries since 2014*
  • 2900+ emergency cylinder deliveries (that’s about 1 emergency delivery every 4 hours)
  • An average of 1.1 million miles covered per year

Gas Delivery System Validations1,2

  • INOmax delivery systems have been validated with 70+ mechanical and noninvasive gas delivery systems through a rigorous 7-step process
  • Each validation takes an average of 170 days to complete

INOmax Total Care® helps your NICU stay ahead of the next what-if

Are you maximizing your INOmax Total Care offerings?

Our team of professionals is ready when NICUs need them most

The INOmax Total Care team has been dedicated to supporting NICUs nationwide for 20 years and counting. They’re available around the clock to help meet institutions’ specific INOMAX® (nitric oxide) gas, for inhalation needs and to help ensure uninterrupted delivery of INOMAX.2,3

  • Critical Care Business Manager
    Coordinates training, education, and support services; provides information to help with your on-label INOMAX reimbursement challenges
    You are ultimately responsible for determining the appropriate reimbursement strategies and billing codes.
  • National Account Manager
    Provides managed care updates on local, regional, and national reimbursement trends, as well as periodic reviews
  • Clinical Specialist
    Provides clinical/technical support and training
  • Specialized INOMAX Technician
    Provides 24/7/365 live troubleshooting and routine preventive maintenance and updates; replaces and repairs INOmax delivery systems as needed

Real people. Real time. 24/7/365.

  • Customer Care Support
    Trained medical professionals provide live 24-hour support
  • Clinical Nurse Educator
    Provides in-service education and consultation to NICUs; coordinates continuing education events
  • Medical Science Liaison
    Provides up-to-date drug safety and clinical information; engages in scientific dialogue

Real people. Real time. 24/7/365.



INOmax delivery systems are alarmed for patient safety
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