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Compare INOmax DSIR® Plus Delivery Systems

The INOmax DSIR Plus Delivery Systems prioritize patient safety, convenience, and usability to fit your needs at your patients’ most critical moments

Feature  Benefit 
INOmax DSIR Plus1
Feature Benefit INOmax DSIR Plus1 INOmax DSIR Plus MRI2
Infrared communication Seamless communication between delivery system and cylinders
Compact size and weight Ease of portability
Extended battery life Up to 6 hours of use
Easy-to-use interface Quick response and monitoring
Color touch screen Easier recognition of priority alarms
Backup NO delivery Support for uninterrupted therapy for the patient
Ventilator compatibility Validated for use with more than 80 ventilation systems (between the INOmax DSIR Plus and INOmax DSIR Plus MRI combined)
Electronic data transfer Communication with electronic health record systems
Specially designed injector module Supports consistent and reliable dosing of INOMAX
Dual-channel design Independent delivery and monitoring systems to help ensure safe delivery of INOMAX
Automatic low calibration Performed in the background during pre-use checkout and therapy delivery
Automatic purge Automation for shorter setup time
Patient diagnosis data capture Quick input and access to patient and diagnosis information
Detailed alarm system More detailed and in-depth alarm history
On-screen wizard functions Pre-use checkout, alarm help, and high calibration
GAUSS ALERT™ magnetic field strength alarm systems Two separate alarms designed to help provide redundant safety protection by sounding distinct warning alerts if system is moved too close to the MR scanner, exceeding 100 gauss, providing enhanced vigilance against intrusion into the exclusion zone  
Longer tubing and cable Allows for positioning outside the exclusion zone, enabling MR scan use in the MR suite without disconnecting the patient from INOMAX® (nitric oxide) gas, for inhalation therapy  
Large casters Increase stability and action of movement for ease of rolling  
MRI warning label Informs users of important precautions in MRI screening suite to keep safety a priority  
Tether hook Enables use of tether as needed  
Ergonomic autobrake Locks cart in place to prevent movement during scans, conveniently situated at mid-level for easy access