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When critical moments arise, INOmax Total Care is there to help ensure uninterrupted delivery of INOMAX.

Hear first-hand from those who have relied on INOmax Total Care. Select a link below to watch the videos now:

The video participants were compensated for their time in sharing their stories.

INOmax Total Care


“It was a rollercoaster of emotions.”

Katie, the mother of an INOMAX patient, describes the rollercoaster of emotion her family faced as they navigated the most critical moments of their lives.

All-inclusive Service & Support


“Simply stated, this is the benchmark of service and support.”

Garry Kauffman, RRT, has spent decades working in the NICU and understands just how vital seamless service and support is to keeping his hospital unit running smoothly. Watch the video to hear about his experiences first hand.

INOmax DSIR® Plus Delivery Systems


“It’s more than just a device. It's a comprehensive system that has alerts, alarms, and redundancy built in.”

Garry Kauffman, RRT, has been working with INOmax DSIR Plus Delivery Systems for years and understands just how much his contract has to offer. In this video, Kauffman describes just how critical of a tool these systems can be.

INOMAX® (nitric oxide) gas, for inhalation


“[INOmax Total Care] It’s the whole package, and that’s what I really appreciate.”

Neonatologist Sergio Golombek, MD has spent decades working in the NICU. Watch as he describes how much his treatment approach has evolved over the years.