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Alarmed for Your Patients' Most Critical Moments

Focused on safety and innovation in critical care1

INOmax DSIR® Plus Delivery Systems bring together innovative engineering, enhanced user experience, and comprehensive safety features.
  • User-friendly interface1,2
  • Patient safety features and alarms designed to help mitigate and manage the risks of device-related rebound pulmonary hypertension1,2
  • Validated with over 80 ventilators and modes of ventilation1,2*
  • INOmax DSIR Plus Delivery Systems are designed with patient safety in mind1
  • The INOmax DSIR line of delivery systems includes the INOmax DSIR® Plus MRI for use in the MRI suite2
  • INOmax DSIR Plus transport system is designed to effectively transport neonates for seamless delivery of INOMAX therapy1,2
*Contact a sales representative to learn if your ventilator is validated.

Features of the INOmax DSIR® Plus and DSIR® Plus MRI1,2

An FDA-cleared delivery system validated for use with multiple ventilation systems

The INOmax DSIR Plus is validated for use with over 80 mechanical and noninvasive ventilation systems:
  • Mechanical ventilation systems, including high-frequency oscillatory and high-frequency jet systems
  • Noninvasive ventilation systems, including CPAP, high-flow nasal cannula, and standard nasal cannula*
INOmax DSIR Plus Delivery Systems are also ISO 13485-validated.
Validated noninvasive ventilation systems*
  • Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve and Pressure Relief Manifold
  • Vyaire™ AirLife® nCPAP
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Bubble CPAP
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare RT329 Breathing Circuit & BC Nasal Cannula
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare RT202 Breathing Circuit & Optiflow™ Adult Interface
  • Hamilton Arabella® Nasal CPAP
  • Standard Neonatal Nasal Cannula
  • Hudson RCI® Neptune® Heated Humidifier With ConchaSmart™ Technology
  • Vapotherm® Precision Flow®
  • Vyaire™ Infant Flow® Nasal CPAP
  • Vyaire™ Infant Flow® SiPAP™
INOMAX is indicated for use in conjunction with ventilatory support and other appropriate agents. Please note that FDA approval of INOMAX was based on clinical studies performed with invasive ventilation only.
For additional information, technical assistance, or a complete list of warnings regarding use of validated ventilators, please refer to the INOmax DSIR Plus Operation Manual at inomax.com/NIVvalidations.
Download noninvasive ventilation guide