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Be Critical Care Ready

Every passing moment may elevate risk

The risks of progressing hypoxic respiratory failure (HRF) can be both acute and long-term. Severe HRF may result in:
  • Acute risks such as the need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and risk of death1
  • Long-term complications such as neurodevelopmental abnormalities, cognitive delays, and high rates of childhood diseases and learning disabilities2,3*
*The effects of INOMAX while treating HRF on long-term complications are unknown.
Earlier intervention may help avoid higher levels of oxygenation and potentially prevent the progression to more severe HRF.

When every moment counts, think INOMAX

INOMAX is an inhaled pulmonary vasodilator that selectively dilates the pulmonary vasculature and improves ventilation and perfusion (V/Q) mismatch.5


In term and near-term neonates with HRF associated with pulmonary hypertension, INOMAX can help stop the HRF cascade.6